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Savage man arrested in connection with Craig's List murder

A teenager from Savage was arrested in connection with the death of a 24-year-old Katherine Olson, whose body in the trunk of her car. Friends say she was responding to an ad on Craig's List for a nanny.

A friend of the 19-year-old suspect was surprised by the arrest, reported the Star Tribune. Police have not released the reason the man was taken into custody.

The Pioneer Press reported that some Craig's List users are now worried about their safety, although authorities say this is the first murder connected with Craig's List.

Both stories were follow-ups to the news that the girl was murdered. The Pioneer Press' looked at the situation from the point of view of those who use Craig's List the way the victim did. The Star Tribune focused more on the suspect and spoke to a friend of his. I

thought it was interesting that the Star Tribune did not print the name of the suspect, because it hasn't been released by authorities. The Pioneer Press looked at the jail's roster and found the name so they could print it. I wonder if there was a discussion about ethics in both those newsrooms.