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Secret Document Reveals Government Endorsement of Torture

Despite declarations by the Justice Department that torture is "abhorrent" and not tolerated under U.S. law, a secret document was discovered endorsing the use of certain harsh interrogation techniques.

The New York Times uncovered the document that okayed tactics such as head slapping, frigid temperatures, and simulated drowning. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales approved this policy and found it to be within the law.

According to the Washington Post, the White House has acknowledged the existence of this document, but is sticking to the idea that it did not conflict with legislation barring "cruel, inhuman, and degrading" practices.

The House Judiciary Commitee plans to call Steven Bradbury, the man who signed the document, to a hearing, the Washington post reported.

The New York Times broke this story, so it was much longer and more in depth than the Washington Post. The Washington Post story was a follow-up and explained the events immediately following the breaking of the news.