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Victims of bridge collapse tell stories in hopes of a compensation fund

Victims of the 35W bridge collapse told their stories at the capital Thursday in hopes of convincing the government to create a compensation fund.

Speakers included spouses of those killed, injured people in wheelchairs and relatives of victims that are still in the hospital, reported the Pioneer Press. One man expressed anger that they even had to ask for assistance.

According to the Star Tribune, some victims are facing losses of up to $1 million, not to mention the mental and emotional stress caused by the collapse. Under Minnesota law, the state will only cover up to $1 million for any single incident, much less $1 million for any single person.

Part of the debate is over individual liability versus state liability and whether or not the federal or state government should pay, said the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune story was much longer than the Pioneer Press. The Pioneer Press had the quotes of a few victims but failed to add much context. It almost felt like a brief, whereas the Star Tribune story was longer than average.