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Breastfeeding Mom Seperated from Baby in Raid

Immigration officials are creating guidelines for separating at risk children from their parents' after an undocumented immigrant in Ohio was separated from her breastfed baby.

27-year-old Sadya Umanzor, a Honduran immigrant, was arrested two weeks ago when immigration officials came to her house to arrest her brother-in-law, reported the Plain Dealer. A representative from La Leche League of Ohio was unable to get a breast pump to the mother and she experienced pain and swelling as a result. Her 9-month-old baby would not take formula and didn't eat for three days. She was eventually released on humanitarian grounds.

In response Immigration and Customs Enforcement codified guidelines for how to deal with situations like this, reported the New York Times. Officials will have to inquire about children or dependents immigrants being detained have, and will be required to listen to the recommendations of social workers.

The Plain Dealer story was reporting on a local incident, while the New York Times put that incident into a national context, focusing on national guidelines that were created as a result.