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Earmark Issues

Despite cuts of up to 50 percent, earmarks still made up $1.8 billion of a military appropriations bill.

According to the New York Times the two politicians with the most earmarks were John P. Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat whose earmarks totaled $116 million, and Jerry Lewis, a Florida Republican had $117 million in earmarks.

A large portion of the earmarks usually goes to the politicians' districts, said the New York Times. Many of the businesses who receive earmarked dollars go on to make campaign contributions.

Concurrent Technologies has been the largest receiver of Murtha's earmarks, reported the Washington Post. The company is a non-profit that says it "lessens the burden of government" by doing things such as missile-defense research and construction projects. It has recently been under scrutiny by Congress for connections with a political scandal.

The New York Times story focused on earmarks, while the Washington Post focused on Concurrent.