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The Asian Carp are Coming

The DNR issued a report last week on the inevitable arrival of Asian carp in Minnesota.

Asian carp have the potential to ruin Minnesota ecosystems, said the Star Tribune. One variety can weigh up to 100 pounds. Another can be dangerous because of its habit of jumping out of the water as boats pass.

To prevent the fish from invading, the DNR proposed building "barriers of light, sound, bubbles or electricity" and enforcing strict restrictions on importing, releasing or selling the carp, the Star Tribune reported.

According to the Detroit Free Press, President George Bush vetoed a bill that would give more than $20 billion to water projects on Friday. One of those water projects was a barrier to stop the Asian carp. There is still a chance that the veto will be over-ridden.

The Star Tribune story focused solely on the DNR and the Asian carp's position in Minnesota, while the Detroit Free Press story focused on the vetoed bill and only briefly mentioned the carp.