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UN Climate Change Report

The UN released the fourth and final installment of its climate report, which synthesizes the information from the previous three.

The New York Times said that one of the most important findings is that a temperature increase of one to three degrees would be enough to induce species extinction and a rise in sea levels. The BBC reported that some of the panel's previous predictions have come to pass earlier than expected.

According to the BBC, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of the results and the necessity of proper government reactions. He said there are inexpensive ways to prevent the worst case scenarios from happening

World leaders will meet next week in Bali to discuss a climate treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, the New York Times said.

The two stories carried basically the same information but organized it differently. The BBC started with the reaction of the UN secretary general and then went on to discuss the implications of the findings. The New York Times spent more time analyzing the findings before listing what exactly the findings were.