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C.I.A. destroyed interrogation tapes

The C.I.A. destroyed two interrogation tapes, one featuring terrorist suspect Abu Zubaydah.

The videotapes show terrorism suspects being subjected to harsh interrogation techniques, reported the New York Times. The C.I.A. said they destroyed the tapes because they had no intelligence value and could potentially reveal the identities of operatives. One official said that there are many documents that could reveal operatives' identities, but this one was probably destroyed because of the legal implications of the techniques used.

According to the Washington Post, the C.I.A. did not release the tapes to the federal judge of terrorism suspect Zacarias Moussaoui or to the 9/11 commission, both of which requested information of that nature. C.I.A. officials said they didn't judge the tapes to be valuable to those cases.

The two stories were very similar. The New York Times story was better organized and easier to read.