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Iran abandoned nuclear weapons program in 2003

According to a new National Intelligence Estimate, Iran halted it's nuclear arms program in 2003.

The report, a consensus of the major intelligence bureaus, said that they were "highly confident" that the arms program was shut down in 2003 and "moderately confident" that it remains shut down, the New York Times reported. The report said that Iran probably wouldn't be able to produce a nuclear weapon until 2013.

The Bush administration's reaction indicates that there will probably not be a huge change in policy as a result of this information, despite the fact that it contradicts previous intelligence, the BBC said. However it may complicate efforts to pass a U.N. Security Council Resolution imposing sanctions on Iran.

The two stories were similar, since they were both first reports of the intelligence. The BBC story was shorter and more to the point, as they tend to be, and it included information about how this would affect U.N. processes.