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L.A. Riders will have to Pay

The Los Angeles transit system, which has long functioned on the honor system, will add turnstyles to prevent customers from riding free.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted 11-1 last week to add ticket booths to the subway and light rail systems, the New York Times reported. It could cost up to $30 million to install and $1 million a year after that, but is projected to save $6.77 million a year.

According to the L.A. Times, riders had mixed reactions. Some said they hardly ever see anyone boarding without paying, and they see the endeavor as a waste of money. Others say people do it all the time, and the plan is necessary. Around 5% of riders do not pay.

The L.A. Times story had more quotes and spent more time on resident reactions. It also was more specific about how many people weren't paying.