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During high school my finals were never untill the end of January, usually right on my birthday. So during December I never had to think about studying for finals. Now that I'm at the U and finalsare in December (this week) I'm having a little trouble concentrating because I'm still in the mind set that finals aren't till the end of January. Also I'm having studying for my finals, especially my psychology final, because ther,e is so much to study that i don't know where to start, and when I don't know where to start then I don't sudy. This is really bad because I really need to do well on my psychology finall so that I can get an A in the class. I know that getting A's are not the most imporant thing in the world but A's are really imporant to me. I'm also a little worried about my chem final because on my last chem midterm I failed it horribly! Hopefully my finals this year will go smooth and I'll get the grades that i want to get!