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No Boundaries

"If you were completely released form the constraints of the 'architecture school' program, what would you do architecturally, artistically, bodily, lyrically, etc that would still have an impact on your environment? Describe a real or imagined place which might allow you to do this. Explore through images and text."

I have always imagined a place with no chaos and no problems that encompass many large cities today like traffic, homelessness, garbage in the streets, and poor use of space and architecture. I would like to see a city that functions more as a community than anything else and also serves as a beautiful home. I would also like to see places that use their space artistically in every way imaginable, from sidewalks to living rooms to gardens to rooftops, etc. I imagine a place that is created by and used by the same people, a purely creative and individualistic environment. When i envision this place, i see a place that is almost completely green. In color and in sustainability. I picture a sort of rain forest of living spaces and working places, where each place supports another place.

This picture is similar to the place that I envision. I like how it shows intertwining and weaving sidewalks that don't restrict movement. I also like how there is a sort of community area in the middle of the residences around it, and also the earthen roofs. One aspect that i want to elaborate on is the freedom of movement. Most cities are set up as a formation of rectangles and squares, there is no variation or surprises. I like how the picture shows walkways that are curved and unpredictable, the allow the person to take any number of paths instead of just one walkway to and from places. There is a place on campus that kind of does this and it is the walkway that goes in between the radisson and the aquatic center. It is very slight though, not at all like the picture above.

Another thing about my idealized city community is that i would like the only forms of transportation to be either walking, biking, electric mopeds, or perhaps a smartcar. Another thing that goes along with the transportation is that it everything would be shared within the community, so no body actually would own the bikes or mopeds, they would just by lying around for anyone to use. Now some people may be a bit skeptical about this idea since there is the factor some people might not follow the rules and actually share, but i think with proper enforcement and/or the willingness of people to cooperate, i think it would work out well.

And for the architecture portion, i imagine tall housing units for multiple people or families. Generally the whole community will be constructed on the basis of going up instead of out. Shanghai for example is full of skyscraper apartments, there are almost no single family housing units anywhere in the city or city limits.