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Shaped by my Environment

I would say that the environment and buildings around me absolutely affects who I am. Everyone in the world is affected by their environment whether they like it or not. In my case, however, i think it adds to my persona. Being a student athlete at a large D1 university, my life depends on the buildings that surround me. I wouldn't be a diver without the pool i practice at every day, nor would i be a student without the classroom buildings. My life right now is one giant framework with a series of clockworks within. There is also an underlying phenomena as well. Now what that phenomena is exactly, I'm not sure I can even begin to define because it would most likely require a brief history of my life thus far.

The framework of my life right now I would say is to go to college, dive every day, get a degree, get a job, find a wife, get married, have kids..... and so on. Now in terms of the buildings that help me achieve these goals, i've got a university. This pretty much sums it up, although I plan to move back to Denver after i'm done here, i can find all the things i listed as part of my framework on campus or near it. For the college part, i've got all the buildings and teachers i will ever need. For the diving part, I have one of the best pools in the country right on campus, as well as one of the best coaches in the country. Not to mention the fact that Minnesota is also ranked 8th in the nation. Now the rest will come eventually on it's own, but i've got all the right things and places to help me.

The clockworks in my life are also part of the framework. I have cycles that include:

1. go to classes
2. go to practice (whichever one comes first)
3. do homework
4. go to sleep
5. socialize and sleep on weekends
6. do it all over again the next week

These are repeated constantly throughout my life as a college student. These will change slightly as life goes on, however, there will always be a cycle or a clockwork. Unless i decide to become a nomad and travel the world with the clothes on my back, not knowing if I'll survive the rest of the day, but thats a separate issue. I plan on living my life the way i imagine it so I'm confident that my future does not include living as a nomadic bum world traveler.

The oppositions in my life are many. As i'm sure there are in everyones lives. One that i know for sure is meeting my own personal goals and expectations as well as others' expectations. Other oppositions make themselves present as I live my life, most are not foreseen, some are brought about by mistakes, etc... I think this is a summary of how phenomena, frameworks, clockworks, and oppositions add and detract from my life.