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Presentation Day

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To be honest, this project wasn't influenced by anything. I wanted to shoot some video over spring break and since I knew I would be watching my nephews, I had to think of a way to put them to work and do my project at the same time, but something simple for a child to understand and do.
The idea just came to me as dumb as it sounds, but there are some movies that can influence the outcome of my project.

1. "Shaun of the Dead" has some scenes where Shaun is getting dressed and it has fast close up clips of him getting ready
2. In the beginning of "Dodgeball" you see Vince Vaughn getting ready in the morning, but you don't really see him until he goes outside.
3. Andrew Coutts was the editor for "Saw VI" and I really like the way he transitioned scenes. A shot would be on one person and then the camera would focus on the floor and go up to another person in the past from the previous shot.

B.Past work
I have done a video, "AITC" where I am at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and I am documenting my trip as a step-by-step process of it.
I have also done more video work like "Stalk Me Like An A-Team"

C. New work
I have gotten some still shots of the video I have looked at already
The sound would consist of Brandon talking to himself and have some music in the back - the music will more than likely be jazz from one of my uncles who are musicians.
The overall project on how it will be exactly is hard to say, I still have a lot of
video to go over and chances are, I will have to go back and film some things over

I like those mirror shots in movies, I want to do that. I know for a fact, I will like my video better in a 16:9 because for one I hate the 4:3 and two, mirror shots to me look amazingly better in widescreen

Final Focus Idea

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I have finally decided to shoot and film my nephews. It is about a little boy, getting up after hours, and getting ready for the "night job" he has by doing adult things.

Mardi Gras

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For this project, I helped plan the Mardi Gras flash mob party.
I helped my group come up with party items we would need from masks to the beads.
I created a poster, but we ended up not putting them up.
I was the admin, along with the other members of my group, on a Facebook page, advertising for people to come - I also added all of my friends here in Duluth to come participate.
I made masks at home and handed them out during the party, but did not take any pictures of them.
During the party, I handed out masks and candy and tied to get people sitting down to participate in dancing, but failed at doing so.
Finally, I worked on a video from the event. I just had a lot of difficulties exporting this video and finally got it to work.

Mardi Gras from Dez Brown on Vimeo.

(password: desiree)

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