Mardi Gras

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For this project, I helped plan the Mardi Gras flash mob party.
I helped my group come up with party items we would need from masks to the beads.
I created a poster, but we ended up not putting them up.
I was the admin, along with the other members of my group, on a Facebook page, advertising for people to come - I also added all of my friends here in Duluth to come participate.
I made masks at home and handed them out during the party, but did not take any pictures of them.
During the party, I handed out masks and candy and tied to get people sitting down to participate in dancing, but failed at doing so.
Finally, I worked on a video from the event. I just had a lot of difficulties exporting this video and finally got it to work.

Mardi Gras from Dez Brown on Vimeo.

(password: desiree)

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