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New Project Idea

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I will more than likely make a music video. If I can write lyrics and finish the beat in time I will. I plan on filming a majority of my project over break.
For my video, I would like to use the ballroom, and will require a lot of extras....
Hmm, I might need 3 -6 ladders or so, so I can get a overhead shot. I'm going to be acting so I'll probably have to go through the stress of directing a camera person.

Not really sure where I can get that many ladders... but I know that will do the trick for the shot I want.
Making a storyboard for this project will do me no justice because my stuff looks better with spur of the moment ideas.

Soooo yeah.


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I have decided to do a video for this project. It will be a documentary on my life ranging from my every day activities to my plans for the future.

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