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I recently discovered an artist that I like - William Kentridge - he works with charcoal in stop motion. The reason I like this artist is because he works the same way I do; he doesn't ever use a storyboard, script or screenplay, he just "goes with the flow" and films.
Of course I had a plan for the project, I am not following any structured plan on editing - I am just working on it as it goes.

I know the final version will be like a previous sound project I did in another class.

That's All You Get from Dez Brown on Vimeo.

(password: desiree)
The story is the same with the boy getting dressed and all, but I want it faster and more "fun" than it has looked while going through my RAW files.

What I might do that's close to it is this video. But I will set Brandon's voice to the keys on my keyboard and tune it. I am in the process of making a beat for it.

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