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Project Proposal 1

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I have noticed how many movies either have a remake for it or a similar
story told differently. Over the summer, I have seen 2 films dealing with
obsession, but were shown and ended in very contrasting ways.

First I watched 2002's Swim Fan, directed by John Polson. It's a story of
how a high school senior - Ben Cronin - turns his life around by becoming
who is now the school's top swimmer. He makes the mistake of having sex
with the new girl - Madison - at school that won't leave him alone
afterwards. Madison continues to show up at random places and constantly
instant messages Ben in attempts to have him leave his girlfriend to be
with her. Even after avoiding Madison, things get bloody and people close
to Ben gets hurt after he learns a daunting truth about her. This isn't the
first time she has done this to a boy, and the last person was a baseball
star who was in a mysterious car accident with her. The only way this
obsession can be resolved is by someone's death.

The second film I saw was 1995's Her Deadly Rival, directed by James
Hayman. A husband and wife - who have never been separated from each other
their entire marriage - are forced to be apart when Jim has to leave town
to finish a construction job. The first night he's gone, he gets a phone
call from a secret admirer who later reveals she knows more than she is
supposed to - such as his shirt size, his favorite brandy, and even his
wife's allergies. Jim's admirer is tearing his marriage with Kris apart
with gift-after-gift and constant phone calls. Jim has no clue who the
woman is, but she is convincing everyone around him that they are having an
affair together. The mysterious woman disappears when someone is shot and
Jim is interrogated.

The 2 films both have a woman with an obsession over a man that doesn't
want them, but still try to make an advance with them. Many times, urban legends are often told differently depending on who is telling the story. What I plan to do is choose an urban legend and film my own version of it, while taking away or adding to the story as desired. I will search for all types of urban legends; I will make a list of 10, then lower it down to the best possible one I will finally film.

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