Project 1 Reflection


For the pre-production process, I met with Cullen Horne - drum instructor for Hamline Music Academy - to discuss what he was looking for in regards to short and long term projects.
I didn't do too much with test shooting, but I did a lot of testing with the audio mixer since it was my first time mixing.
The task was to film almost 2 hours of a Drumfest and get as much information that covered the entire event out of a video less than 3 minutes of video.

Part 2 : ON THE SET
What jobs did you do, what went well.
What equipment did you use? What shot choices did you make?
How did you light each shoot? How did you capture sound?
What challenges came up and how did you meet them?
How did you respond to unforeseen variables?

There was only one day of filming; the filming took place during a Drumfest event at Mr. D's in West Duluth. I was able to use 2 cameras from the media hub along with a drum mic kit and an audio mixer to get clearer sound on the drums.


Reflect upon your final edit of the short film project.

What aesthetic and technical choices did you make to create a unified story?
I used two cameras for a different point-of view throughout the video.

What choices of shot types, rhythm, pacing, cuts and transitions did
you make as an editor?
Even though I used two cameras, I still wanted to have one as the main, and the other as a "treat" to see that other angle.

How do you think these choices support the emotions or ideas you hope
to communicate to your audience?
I think this was a good video to show that after practice, this could be you playing drums by yourself and being good enough for an audience or to teach others to learn the skills you know.

What issues came up as you worked with the captured video and audio in
the Digital Editing Software?
I had lots of trouble syncing audio and exporting. I found that I didn't have enough space on my hard drive to edit anything and had to get a new one in order to finish the project. The audio part was difficult because I used another source for better quality, but it turned out to be difficult to sync and edit everything together in not only separate audio, but in two different cameras as well.

RENDER TIME. I spent more time waiting for video to render throughout the entire editing process than actual editing. I found that to happen as I tried de-interlacing my video for almost 2 hour long shots when I only needed small clips.

One other challenge I found was finding a section to work with, but also satisfying my "client". The challenge it created for editing the same drum solo, but finding the best sections and blending the audio so it sounded coherent throughout the whole video.

How did you create solutions when technical problems came up?
DO NOT de-interlace the video until it is edited fully. This cuts down on render time I have failed to realize until pretty much the last seconds. Even though I only needed small clips, I found it helpful by not doing it over again.
I find it useful - for future projects - that when I want to de-interlace a project that will take 2 days to render, to make sure I have a full weekend full of other things so I'm not left waiting and forgetting my plans for the project.

How successful is the final product?

I would say - for having done a more promotional video type piece - my final video turned out pretty good. I found a lot of inspiration from crappy promotional videos for local music artist and what not and was motivated to not have something look crappy and unprofessional. I actually enjoyed doing this and would love doing something like this again - not just with Mr. Horne, but making the local rap artists appear better than what they really are. Therefore, I must practice more with my editing skills.

What might you do differently if you had more time and experience?

If I could have done this project differently, it would be pre-production for during the shooting. I look back at the raw footage I shot and there was just so much of an orange tint, but this issue came with one of my two cameras. Maybe recheck the white balance, especially if I'm working with 2 different types of cameras.

I would say the filming wasn't so bad, but this was the very first time I have mixed audio with a mixer, let alone live before; so this was a big learning experience for me, especially when I got to come back home and listen to the audio I recorded in the mix.

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