Proposal Paper 2

For my second film topic, I decided to have a them-based intro. While watching 1999 film "Wild Wild West" directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, I noticed the many kinds of effects that went into it. It had video visual of characters, allowing the audience to get a feel for what the whole film would be about.
TV shows usually have intros such as the one seen in "Wild Wild West" to introduce characters, but allows everyone who might never have seen the show to get an idea for what it's about; for example, "Happy Days".
This project will give me an opportunity to heavily use effects while maintaining the use of characters and a set subject to film with.

A location I would like to use would be the Black Box theatre at UMD. I can use former scenes from past plays if it fits my film topic. I would intend on setting up and shooting for a full week so I wouldn't have to put equipment away; this would also ensure better continuity.

My first challenge will be finding who I need to talk to in order to use this space, then see what props of theirs I could use. I could use the black box for either this project, the other one or both.

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