Weekly Posting: Week 3

Book Readings
Cinematic Storytelling
Jennifer Van Sijll

Page 110
Using an audio bridge to skillfully merge 2 scenes together might be powerful in the film I'm doing for either project. It can keep everything short by not adding too many sounds.

Page 116
I can use this towards the end to add dramatic value by telling part of a story without words.

Page 118
After watching the 1992 film Single White Female, directed by Barbet Shroeder, I understood the visual match-cut transition. One thing the book left out was how the vent was used in the beginning as a way to hear each other's neighbors, but the vent was used as a turning point in the film.
Run Time: 1H 47Min
Watched: 9/26 on the TV Guide Channel

Page 134
I wat to use the z-axis by having multiple actions going on at the same time to put more in my store in a little amount of time. My only concern is if I can get the picture I want to achieve with the cameras at school if - if I can get that wide angle look.

Page 136
Use space to work with physical emotion between characters and also use the space to widen the shot or compress it.
I watched The Diary of Anne Frank (1959), directed by George Stevens that worked heavily with space. It wasn't the fact that the film's location was set in a small loft, but how this use of space was achieved. After the film, it had some info on it and they said the way the claustrophobic feel was added, was by adding beams to the edge of the screen/shot so there would be no extra space to look past. I think adding beams can save time for a short film to make it more "homey" and intimate.
Run Time: 2H 51Min
Watched: 9/24 on TCM

Story Ideas
I have come up with a few ideas for my short film and have narrowed the list down to these:
The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Where's My Liver?

Fifty-Cent Piece

Ghost Handprints

The Legend of Polybuis

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