Weekly Posting: Week 7

For the possessed phone project, I have been running into some issues since I've started. First, the filming process became an issue when I tried to incorporate more natural lighting; regardless of my white balance setting, the picture quality turns out ugly and orange. I am aware that I can fix this in editing, but I would like to be able to film it the right way to where there isn't much I need to do in the editing process. One possibility was to film, but convert everything to black and white. This way I can try to manipulate harsh lighting more.
I think the whole project will turn out by shooting a single scene with multiple shots and effects since time management and knowing when to cut a clip is one of my weaker points. One of my major issues with filming is finding the right angle to shoot in. It feels that all of my current shorts appear sloppy.
I have gotten some good ideas for displaying multiple shots at once from the game "Heavy Rain" for Playstation 3. Here is an example below:
Shot Examples.jpg

This way I can remain in the same scene with multiple shots to give more in a short amount of time. My ideas for how to film this brings a challenge of being able to actually show that a phone is the cause of a massive behavior change.

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