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Cinematic Storytelling
Jennifer Van Sijll

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I have been thinking about some filing techniques that would be good to test out this semester, and understanding the z-axis on camera will allow me to manipulate scale on screen such as director Orson Welles did in Citizen Kane (1941).

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I was unaware how something simple as shapes can alter people's emotions toward a person or situation in a film.

Page 40
Using a door as a portal to signify something more "supernatural"

Page 56
For my final project, the use of intercutting can work to my advantage to build greater suspense. I can also use this as a way to show more, but connect a relationship between the two shots.
An example of this is in the movie Tower Heist
Director: Brett Ratner
Year: 2011
Run time: 104Min
Viewed on: Cinemax (Charter Cable)
In the very beginning of the film, there is intercutting between two men who are obviously in different places and have different qualities of life. They are connected together not only by the intercutting of shots, but their indirect interaction together by a virtual chess game.

Page 64
The smash cut, I noticed is used in many horror films. The way it's used is a calm shot right before it's cut to the killer or something being revealed.

Title: Erica Wexler is Online
Year: 2010
Director: Doron Hagay
Time: 9Min

Erica Wexler Is Online from Doron Max Hagay on Vimeo.

This short story is about a young college student who passed away, but still responds to posts on her Facebook. The visual strengths of this film was the clarity and transition from shot to shot. What I remember most in the film is how they showed her death as a flashback at a party of overdrinking. The technique they used was very clever as a way of blurring and distorting the image, allowing the view to realize it's the girl at the time of her death. I would try to incorporate this aspect of the film the most into my own film as a way of showing something from the past.

Title: Pac-Man: The Movie
Year: 2012
Director: James Farr/Steelehouse Productions
Time: 6Min

PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film) from Steelehouse Productions on Vimeo.

This is like a small movie of how Pac-Man would be if it were a movie, and it was done so beautifully, I wish it were longer. They didn't just take the idea of the game and put it on screen, they took Pac-Man and enhanced it with their version of what it would be like in the real world. The whole film was visually pleasing and I was wowed with the effects. The use of color kept true to the original video game. I don't think I would take anything from here to put in any of my project this semester, but I will definitely keep in mind how fast this short film was.

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