Power of Sound Extended

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For this installation, I wanted to observe people's reactions to music lyrics by manipulating the way they hear and see it. The goal was to see if someone's interpretation of a song can be different depending on how it is addressed to them.
I had people go through A,B,C and they would go through all 3 trials within them. I created the polls to track down the majority of the votes and people can see the results in realtime.
What I think is there will be different opinions as to what the song is portraying on each trial.
In a gallery this would be set up on a projector and people would be able to interact and vote through their mobile device. This installation not only places itself in a gallery, but also expands out beyond the gallery walls where anyone, anywhere can see this and voice their opinion to add to the polls.
A: Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
Trial 1:http://www.webpollgenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c33edd247#.UTPDm-vwKWU
Trial 2: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c6754e083
Trial 3: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c6e4390b2

B: Creed - Higher
Trial 1: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c429a10ee
Trial 2: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c638dc0d3
Trial 3: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c71aeb627

C: Queen - Fat Bottom Girls
Trial 1: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c4c436a36
Trial 2: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c5f4ddad9
Trial 3: http://www.WebPollGenerator.com/ViewResults.php?p=5133c7538df19

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