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Strict: To Be or Not To Be?- Blog 3, Hailey Brown

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Kids are always afraid of turning into their parents as they grow up, but in most cases we all do anyways. Especially when it comes to parenting our own children. Parenting, according to Diana Baumrind, is laid out into 4 categories; the permissive parents, the authoritarian parents, authoritative parents, and the uninvolved parents. Luckily for me, I was raised by authoritative parents who liked to spoil me rotten, but at the same time make me earn everything that I received and looking back, I appreciate them for being strict. Strict parenting teaches children great life lessons about respect, responsibility, and authority, as well as installs good habits. At the same time, parents who are overly strict can cause their children to grow up in a sheltered household where they are forced to do activities that their parents choose versus activities that they enjoy. Also, they may not be exposed to as much of the world as kids with more easy going parents and they can become naive. I don't think that people have much of a choice as to whether they are a strict parent or not. I believe that parenting skills are learned throughout your childhood from your parents and then practiced once you have kids of your own. That is exactly why kids' fear of turning into their parents becomes a reality. A question that has popped into my head while writing this is "how has technology changed the ways of parenting over the past couple decades?"

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