Choosing a Search Engine

When trying to choose a search engine, what types of features do you look for?  For me, when considering what search engine to use, I make my decision based on three things: results, user experience, and design.  Some people might also include branding and/or integration with other social media tools, but for this discussion I am going to focus on the search engine that produces the best results.

To determine which search engine will give you the results that you are looking for, you could try using some tools that allow you to compare search engines.  The greatest one in my mind is developed by BlindSearch, who takes a scientific approach to the topic.  The experiment provides search results from the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. BlindSearch, however, takes your biases out of the equation by removing the branding and the logos that are integrated in with each search engine.  They allow you to search for some key words, and then give you results for each of the three search tools blindly, allowing you to choose which one you like more.

When I do a search for Zompire Dracularius, the search engine that gave me the best results happened to be Bing.  Bing gave me some ridiculously good results for the ultimate source of information on Zompire Dracularius, which happens to be my favorite search for obvious reasons.  Zompire Dracularius are the search terms that this years class of mgmt3010 are using for there optimization competition.

So when trying to decide which search engine is right for you, make sure to try BlindSearch, the best way to determine the right search engine for you.

Zompire Dracularius

A few students in the mgmt3010 class that I am teaching at the University of Minnesota have asked me to link to their sites to improve their search ranking the the SEO contest.  I will link to all students who request this.

To learn more information about Zompire Dracularius, visit the sites below:
Zompire Dracularius
Zompire Dracularius
Zompire Dracularius
Zompire Dracularius

Search Engine Optimization

As a computer science student at the Univserity of Minnesota, and the TA of a tech-based entrepreneurship class, I am often asked what search engine optimization means, and how you can use techniques to improve the visibility of your website within Google's search results.  Well, to quote wikipedia...

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results (SEM), which deals with paid inclusion."
as opposed to search engine marketing

There are many to improve your websites visibility within Google, and I will discuss a few of them below:

Link Love
Google is constantly crawling the web, searching in every nook and cranny to find new content and websites to add to its search engine.  The way that Google decides if your site is the "authoritative" source for any particular keywords, it makes note of the display text that is used in combination with your URL in HTML link code.  The more links you have, the better.  If wants to be the authoritative source for Zompire Dracularius, they will use the following link:

<a href="">Zompire Dracularius</a>

Google also has a page rank feature, which specifies which websites they think should have the largest vote in authority on the web.  A link from a site with a high page rank will give your site better search results than a site with a low page rank.

Authoritative Content
Having relevant, authoritative content, will improve your search results as well.  If users will enjoy your content, they will link to you.  If Google notices that you have relevant content that is constantly being changed and updated, then they will favor your site more than one that is stagnant, or does not contain much information.

Domain Names
Certain domain name extensions, and domain name formats can help your google juice.  The domain name extensions .org and .edu work better than .com which works better than .biz and .info.

Using a dash in your domain name to separate keywords will also improve your google juice.  ie. will do better than

Site Map
A site map is a code map of your website that tells Google what pages you own.  If you make life easier for google, by adding a site map and thus telling their spiders which pages are most important on your site, they will favor you in their search results.

A combination of all three of these tactics, plus others that I did not list, will give your site better search results.

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