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Attention: Job Opportunities at The Wake Student Magazine


The Wake Student Magazine is hiring now for next fall! The positions available are: Managing Editor, Campus Editor, Voices Editor, S+V Editor, Literary Editor, Editorial Assistant (2), Senior Staff Writers (2), Staff Writers, Distributors (2), Copy Editors (2), Designer, Senior Staff Photographer, Advertising Executive, Advertising Interns, PR Interns, and Office Manager. Applications and more information is available at www.wakemag.org. Application deadline is April 26th! You may contact The Wake through e-mail at office@wakenews.org with questions.


The Wake is cool! I don't know Tami or sit by her in class nor do I have no association with the Wake in any professional or non-professional manner. I simply felt the desire to express my emphatically positive opinion on said student publication. Thank you.