I enjoy that this week's lecture emphasized that creating is supposed to be fun, and that the best ideas usually stem from being funny and humorous.
The first part of this assignment was to get myself into a humorous and silly mood. I like watching Conan O'Brien and think he's really clever and funny, so I went to his Youtube channel and watched a few selections such as "Conan Enrolls in Southern Charm School" and "Conan Delivers Chinese Food in NYC." The thing about Conan is that he's really good with improvisation. He's quick and witty, and watching him reminds me a little of our time at HUGE Improv Theater. (which was super fun!)
The next part of the assignment was to create a mind map of Winter. Here's what I came up with:
winter web.jpg
I discovered that I focused on 3 different themes, of which I circled in purple. They are Weather, Christmas, and Clothing.

From these three categories I brainstormed about a few product ideas. Most of them are a little ridiculous, but some I would really like to have on the market.
Idea one:
The Scarf Tissue/Hanky. Fashionable, yet useful for those runny-nose-kind-of-days. Gross?!?! Nah. (??)


Idea two:
Hand Warmer Mitts. They are mittens made of hand warmers. When you aren't wearing them you keep them in a charger box so that they're always ready and full of heat for when you need them.

Idea three:
Boots that massage your feet to keep the circulation going. The soles of these boots are made of tiny massage/rolley ball that move constantly so that you're always receiving a foot massage, therefore increasing circulation and therefore increasing the heat. Boom.

Idea four:
Train Vacuum. It's your classic holiday choo-choo train under the Christmas tree, except that this one is also a vacuum. It picks up all the needles that fall from your live tree.

Idea five:
Winter coats for your car. Protect your car from the rust and damage that the heavily salted roads inflict! Keep away rust!

Idea six:
Snow cleaner. Snow is always prettier after it has just fallen from the sky. Then city life makes it all yucky and brown. This is a solution that cleans the snow and makes it look beautiful, always, just like when it's fresh.

Idea seven:
Automatic cracker dispenser for oyster stew. This one is for my dad.. Every Christmas Eve he makes oyster stew (tradition!) and he absolutely loves putting tons of oyster crackers on top. This is an automatic dispenser the sits next to the bowl. You push a button and voila.. it automatically pours crackers into your bowl. You can customize it to your preferred amount of cracker dispersal as well.

Idea eight:
A warming cover for your laptop computer. This will be a tent-like covering the captures the heat coming from your computer vent and circulates it throughout the tent space. While you are typing your hands will stay warm. In the winter I always get really cold hands when I type all of my papers, blog posts and what not.

Idea nine:
The Ultimate Sick-In-Bed tray. Its like a breakfast-in-bed tray, but a TV pops out of it with unlimited movie access. (You might be calling in sick more often...)

Idea ten:
It's a Ski-N-Sled: Two ways in one to have fun on the slopes. It divides into two and becomes skis, and when you want to sled you just put the pieces back together and it turns into a sled. WEEEE!!!

Well there you have it. Getting silly and creating mind maps truly does get my creative wheels spinning!


I'm with you -- I really like Conan too and agree he is great at improvisation. Probably one of the reasons he has been on the air so long! The rest of your blog post was good, I think there were just some general criticisms about the photos as we discussed in class. Be sure to crop the background out, increase the contrast of the images so they are brighter, and make sure none are busy. As for the mind map I think you did a good job exploring the space, but your sub themes that you chose are a little too general. Try to pick a few that are more specific and I bet that will help for the next assignment! :)

And by busy, I meant blurry*.

Okay wow, I want to buy some of these things!! Great product ideas. Seems like you were really about to tap into real consumer wants and needs- they were silly but also fulfilled a real need!
I know this may be repetitive after class, but the only critique I would give is that your images need to be better quality. Better cropping, more lighting, and greater contrast would improve these images greatly!
I would also suggest narrowing down your sub-themes to more specific topics in order to help you in the next step of the assignment.

I liked your concepts a lot, the train vacuum would be an excellent product for people with real christmas trees!

I think you did a good job with your post, but there are two things that would be nice for the future. First, It would look more professional if your images were more tightly cropped and taken from a more straight angle, or better yet, scanned in. Second, I would have liked to see something of your process for coming up with the products. A written brainstorm, or whatever you may have done would be awesome!

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