This week's assignment brought us to further research of our subtopics. This time around we were to ask for the creative input of others.

First we had to rephrase our problems questions from last week into "How might we" questions.
My questions from last week in the "XXX needs a way to _____ because _______" form were these:
1) Lindsey needs a way to stay alert and awake when she has a cold because she still needs to go to work.
2) Mark needs a different way to remedy his stuffy nose because a regular tissue leaves his skin feeling irritated and sore.

In their "How Might We" form they are:
1)How might we create a product that keeps people awake and alert when they have a cold so that they can go to work?
2)How might we find a way to remedy a stuffy nose without causing soreness like regular tissues do?

After forming these "How Might We.." questions, we were conduct a brainstorming session. Mine was conducted in my dining room with 4 other people - Charlie, Yukina, Kari, and Britt. Before the actual brainstorming started, we can to get in a humorous and silly mood by playing a made up game.

Making up a game:
This is actually a game I used to play with my cousin Tory when I we were kids. We played it on a trampoline.. if you don't have a trampoline, just improvise.
It's quite simple really. And quite random.
You start at one side of the trampoline and leap to the other side, bring your arms up and shout "I'M ___________!!!!!!" at the top of your lungs. You fill in the blank with any noun, adjective, or noun with an adjective. Here are some that I remember saying:

"I'M A PICKLE!!!!!"
"I'M POOPY!!!" (??)

You get the idea. It's super duper fun when you're 6 and I'm sure it is too when you're in your 20s....

I had everyone try it, and while I think everyone thought I was nuts, it was pretty fun.
Next we started with the first question and set out for 20 minutes, writing down ideas like we did in class.
After a short break for some cookies, beverages, and a little of "The Office", we continued in our next 20 minute session of the next question.

I calculated the group IPM, and it turned out that we had a total of 44 ideas. That rounds to about 1 idea per minute per person.

After both sessions were done, I had everyone, including myself, pick 4 of their favorite ideas, 2 for each question.

They were put in a bowl:
After that we took out those favorites and organized them into 2 bowls, separating them by question #1 and #2: (10 in each bowl)


From these two bowls I had everyone vote on their favorite 5. Following are the winners in each category.

Category 1, How might we create a product that keeps people awake and alert when they have a cold so that they can go to work?

1) The Shocking Headband:

2)"I'm Awake!" Glasses

3)Caffeine Smoothie + Vitamins

4)Nap App

5)Smell Salt Dispenser

Category 2, How might we find a way to remedy a stuffy nose without causing soreness like regular tissues do?

1) Nose Protector


3)Vick's Vapor Vaporizer

4)Farmer's Blow Catcher

5)Vick's Vapor Rub Patches

I think my favorite idea is the "Nap App," which Britt came up with. I think it would be a way for people to balance staying on task and taking some breaks. I also remember hearing that it's good to take short breaks while you're working or studying so your brain doesn't get overloaded or tired. And when you have a cold, taking those naps might be a way to continual give you a little burst of energy so you can make it through the work day.


Hi Taylor,

You were really clear on the rule of the game, which made it easier for readers to understand the concept of the game, although I still think it was a game for maybe a little younger generation. Hahahah, but we were doing similar games in class, which made your game seemed not as nuts as it could be...
I liked your idea of having short break of eating cookies and drinking beverage, perhaps you could do some other activities or methods to motivate your participants while there were generating their ideas (such as list of words).
Also, although you named all the best ideas, and they were clear, don't forget to add the name of the person in whom the idea came from. I remembered that was one of the requirements.

Great Job!!

Hello Taylor:
Your blog's layout is very clean and neat. I love it! Your game sounds super fun and “improvised trampoline” is a very exciting and awesome idea. You have containers for your ideas, that’s a very thoughtful set up, because the bowls will make participants feel like their ideas finally got a “home” (fine, maybe I am the only one who thinks in that way ;) You did post all your processes and ideas, maybe if you could post a group picture while you were leading the game session, it would be better.
Several suggestions: Some of your idea images are not very clear; maybe you should have taken more photos, and select better ones to attach in this blog. Also maybe add more descriptions about your 10 best ideas? For example, I really want to know a little bit more details about how “Vick's Vapor Rub Patches” works. Also I think you might calculated the IPM wrong, if you got 44 ideas in 40 minutes and you have 4 people, it should be 44/40/4=0.28 :) Good blog design overall and good luck with your next assignment!

Hey Taylor,

I think you did a good job covering the assignment in a really clean and direct approach.
I think you did really well in using different methods for evaluating the ideas! and I also like that you divided evaluation into different phases!

Suggestions for improvements (some are already mentioned):
- Scan the images for better resolutions! or photograph them under better lighting setting to get a cleaner and more appealing images.
- Some images are "too cropped" :) (thats probably just a designers perspective). Try to have space around the drawing or try not to crop parts of the drawing to make it better.

I hope this helps!

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