Assignment 7: Idea Selection and Pitch

Below are the ideas in a Pugh Chart that I thought were the most promising. I chose the Vick's Massager as the benchmark because there's nothing like it on the market now. The other products are the VIck's Face Mask, The Vick's roll-on Applicator, and the Sick-in-Bed Tray. I rated these promising products on the criteria of Novelty, Usability, Feasibility, and Winter Theme.


With the help of this tool, as well as tool used throughout weeks previous, I've narrowed down my ideas and chosen the Vick's Roll-on Applicator. That however is not that clever of a name.
After some thinking and brainstorming I came up with the product name "Vick's Vapor Roll"


Here is a video of my elevator pitch. I understand that I won't be this close to the 'walleyes' on pitch day, but my microphone isn't very good so I had to be this close.


Simple, but quality idea! You need to call Vick's! Maybe use the Vick's logo on your product design. Perhaps adding another angle or two of drawings showing the product would be nice so there is more for the judges to look at.

I appreciated your inclusion of the childhood story. That will conjure up people's memories and that is a good place to get them listening and interested in your product. Nice delivery, good information.

Good luck tomorrow!

Firstly, I think your in-class presentation was fantastic. I noticed that you used the story-telling technique that was mentioned during class. This definitely made your presentation stand out from the others. I like the idea to combine Vicks with a roll on applicator and combined with the story, it made me think of growing up and using Vicks. The layout and quality of your blog is also very nice. For your pugh chart, I think it would be helpful to evaluate the ideas against a few more criteria. Overall, great job!

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