November 22, 2005

Teach the class roles

In the teach the class presentations i discoverted that i asumed the role of the ghost, but i think that the group you are placed in has alot to do with what you become, if there is a strong leader that takes controll of the stiuation it can make for more ghost but if the goup lack more in the leadership then everyone has to work a bit hard and become more involved, nothing against my group at all they were great and very accomidating, but i let myself fall in to the role of ghost and wish i hadn't because i think i had alot more to offer to the TQM presentation. one thing that i think i would do different if doing a simaliar project again would be to have in person meetings, after class would be good just some thing that would put everybody on the samepage. i think that email is a great tool but we tend to put to much faith in its powers of connection. also emails are not moivationg but meeting in groups can be more motivating. Really what i am trying to say is that to be sucessful in this type of work you need to not just fall back and let the project pass by, instead get everyone together inperson and talk, work out everything to make things work.

Posted by at November 22, 2005 11:18 AM