November 30, 2007


I created an account for Picasa and worked on a photo. For a free program , I thought it was quite amazing that theis program had some of the tools to fix and enhance photos. This is certainly a a good alternative to fickr.

This is a very useful site for tracking trends and topics you are interested in. The tagging that people do helps identify the subject of sites that are not apparent. I registered on and I hope to make use of it. II think there is potential for this tool especially if we want to encourage our users to share their thoughts about the web.


There is lot to explore in this site. I registered for this one because I am going to try to use this. I searched "learning 2.0" as blog post, tag and in the blog directory, I got 9,454 hits in blog posts, 995 in tags & 841 in the blog directory. I ran across a posting from a librarian who was working on wikis for a learning 2.0 project similar to ours at UMD library.

Library 2.0

I think we are living the sentiments of these articles. We all know that we must change what we are doing but it is very difficult for us to let go. That is especially true when it is not entirely clear where things are leading. Many of the elements that we have been looking in the Learning 2.0 exercises are how to cope with this changing environment where are users are more engaged and the amount of information continues to grow.

Web 2.0 Awards

There were many interesting sites to explore but I liked the Google Maps the best. The site is excellent for answering mapping and directional questions. The combination of satellite views for many locations is really powerful. I would like to see progam like developed for navigating people inside our library to library resources and services.

Flickr Mashups

I looked at several of the Flickr mashups . One that I sort of liked playing with was at I searched for some specific tagas and it put the results in a wall of postacrds.

Image Generators

I'm not sure which of the sites at looked would be relevant for the library. But I went the following site: . It's purpsoe was to give you a Pro Wrestling name. Anyway after entering my name it told me my wrestling name was "wild Cannon."

Library Thing

I thought this was a very interesting site. It was easy to create an account. I put put five books into my library. The link is as follows: . While I don't think this is a substitute for library cataloging. I do think that for personal libraries this is a good way to get a better idea of what you have.

Zoho Writer

I created my account and worked on several documents.The product seems to have many of the tools that a traditional word processor has. I certainly can see the potential of this for doing collaborative writing. I have had situations where someone sends attachments that I can not open. Zoho eliminates this problem.


I created an account in Rollyo and I found it quite easy to use. Too much information seems to be a common theme these days. The ability to create a search engine based on one's trusted sources is a truly novel idea. I think one would have make sure that he or she tapped into enough quality sites but this is a good alternative to doing a google search.

Exploring Wikis

I was very impressed with Mary's wiki work. List of 25 uses for wikis could be expanded greatly. I think that I like ZOHO a little better that PB Wiki but they are both seemingly easy to use. I do worry about how spam can overwhelm wikis but I assume that there will be ways to control it in the future.


Wikis provide a tremendous capability for collaboration. I think the U of M LEO Wiki is especially good because it allows librarians on all of the campuses the ability to track and give input on Aleph projects. More and more , projects are collaborative and this WIKI lets us have input and we don't have to have a lot of technological expertise to participate.

Technology Topic

I've been following developments in e-readers for books. As you know, the Library purchased a Sony e-reader to help track this technology. Just this last week, Amazon introduced the Kindle, its new entrant into this field. While there was some immediate praise in the media. I've been getting a lot of articles in my Bloglines account that are very critical of the new reader. As far as I can see the printed book seems safe for the time being.

Flickr Experience

I've spent quite a bit on time on Flickr. I looked at a lot of photos. I was interested in looking at the photos that Kathryn Fuller took at the Berman event on Spetember 14, 2007. I thought her shot of Shixing Wen & Vice President Mondale was very good. Her is a link to it.

You Tube

I think it would be quite possible to spend a long time on this site. I looked at old television commercials as well as a short Will Farrell clip, I found a library video "Welcome to the Williams College Library Mystery... that I thought was a little hoky but they did attempt to add some humor. I think streaming video has great potential for the library for doing explanation of library services/policies, tours and tutorials


I looked at the suggested sites and I found a TechWeekly podcast that I thought looked interesting. I put into my Bloglines account as an RSS feed.

November 29, 2007


I don't know what the problem was but Facebook just wouln't let me create an account with my UMD e-mail account. It kep saying that there were two domains with my e-mail account and I got ino a loop. I used another e-mail account to get into Facebook and looked at several of the groups recommended. I joined the Library 2.0 interest group that I thought was the most interesting. I gave Jodi a poke and sent sent Heather an e-mail.

RSS Exercise

I created a Bloglines acccount that has 10 RSS feeds into it including Learning 2.0 & the Library Memo. Several of my feeds like CNN & the NY Times put massive numbers of items into my account each day.

Instant Messaging

I set up two IM accounts. I have to remeber to record the passwords in password safe. I can see that IM would be helpful in several aspects of library work. I know that we have been using it in Reference to great success. I'm not totally convinced that I would like to be constantly disturbed with IM messages.

Finding Blogs

The number of blogs is truly amazing. Searching and finding blogs is quite a task. I have used google to identify blogs but I did find Technorati a good tool to use in the future.

November 17, 2007

Seven Habits of Lifelong Learners

Surprisingly, finding time to play may be the most difficult learning habit for me. I think palying with emerging technologies is actually one of the best ways to learn but it seems hard to justify it to oneself.

Welcome to My Site

This is a test message to see if I got my blog started.