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It is that time of year again, and we are fast approaching the Black Student Union's election season! Below you may see a timeline, rules and a BSU officer application for any board or executive committee position in the BSU.

Download the official BSU officer application here:  BSU OFFICER APPLICATION 2012-2013

P.U.S.H. - BSU Spring semester 2012

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Following this year's theme of PUSH, the executive committee has kept this in mind for our general members and the greater campus community.

Black Student Government Conference (Big XII)
- If you haven't already and you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become a leader as well as networking with other black student organization leaders around the country, apply for attending the conference this year. More information and the application is at !

Black History Month
- This year's Black History Month will take a new outlook on our history and how the message may be spread throughout campus. There will be a news article on this in the upcoming weeks so make sure to stay updated.

Ebony Ball
- With spring semester rolling around, Black Student Union's most fabled event, Ebony Ball, will be coming later in the semester. Stay tuned for further information on this spectacular event!

BSU Presents: P.U.S.H. Back to School Month Events

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Planning Ahead Uplifting Each Other Staying Sane Higher Achievements 

BSU Kickoff Event- Sept.13 at 6pm-9pm
- Coffman Union Theatre
     Come on out and learn more about getting involved with the Black Student Union and other Multicultural organizations on campus from Black & Multicultural Greek Organization, to Voice Merging, to Black Motivated Women! This Kick Off Celebration is out annual start to the year and will be filled with entertainment, information , fellowship opportunities and food!

Back to School Cookout- Sept. 14 at 4pm-6pm- Super Block
    Come on out for The BSU's Annual Back to School Cookout! Foods, games, Greek life and much more!

Get Me Bodied-Sept. 15 at 6:30pm-Barber Barker Center Studio 100
    Come out for a fun and energy filled event promoting health and wellness.Get bodied & Don't gain that Freshman 15!! Learn how dancing and simple daily routines can keep you fit! Co-Partner the Lions Gym and Jamba Juice! Don't miss this event!

MisEducation of Black Greeks- ** SEPT 20 / TENTATIVE **

The U's Got Talent-Sept. 23 6pm- St. Paul Student Center Theater
     We are a talented campus! Come enjoy an night of entertainment with performances all across the board! Also If you would like to perform then email for more information.

Come on out and fuel your tank and your belly on the Black Student Union!!!

The BSU is throwing once again their Annual Morning Scramble Back-to-School Breakfast/ Open House!!! You don't want to miss this FREE HOT breakfast and the chance to fellowship with your local campus mates and associates. 

This event is held in the BSU, Coffman room 209 on the first day of school (Tues, Sept 6th, 2011) from 8am-11am!!!!