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Conspiring on Urt

Team sports teach a lot of valuable lessons. They teach lessons promoting competition, strategy, leadership skills, being led skills, and co-operation. One team is made up of many individuals co-operating, executing a certain strategy to achieve a positive outcome; score a goal, make a basket, advance down field, collect points. Oxford English Dictionary defines conspire as “To co-operate as by intention (so as to effect a certain result).� The most effective operating mechanism for effect means and ends is co-operation. Ask any lawyer. Ask any politician. Any lawyer will say that it is easier to settle out of court, lawyer to lawyer, both knowing all the facts about the case. A defending lawyer will always settle out of court rather than in it, but must act in accordance with the client’s word. Court time is costly to the state to the defense attorney and the prosecutor, and is generally avoided at most costs. Politicians would rather bargain in order to pass legislation, amending bills with provisions that favor both party, and individual, interests.
A majority of politicians are lawyers, if not, business persons. At least in America such is the case, in other parts of the world, holy men and their religious law are the political tyrants keeping the masses under their heel. Well over half of the congress people serving the American people now are lawyers by title, the entirety are conspirators by trade. The world is run by conspirators, and conspiracies, which, according to Oxford is a “union or combination (of persons or things) for one end or purpose.� If you get a job through a friend, that’s a conspiracy. If world leaders declare war on one another and feed banker pockets, drain oil wells, and build armaments, all of which a majority of world leaders hold vested interest in, that’s a conspiracy. The current president of the nation has a grandfather who was a financier of Hitler and his Aryan band. The history of the industrial world has been one in which the most elite of society -the money printers, the crude drillers, the arsenal manufacturers- have played both sides of every major war, and reaped unknown profits. Hitler’s military couldn’t operate without an oil additive patented and produced by U.S. Standard Oil, now known as Exxon-Mobile, still owned by the Rockefeller Family. Currently, the Saudi Arabian national oil company is a conglomerate of Exxon-Mobile and other oil companies. The American government supplied Iraq and Al Qaeda with light and heavy arms to defend themselves, only to march in years later to face those same weapons, but with much better ones to attack with. Central banks control money supplies by printing it and charge governments for doing so. Shit rolls downhill and in this case the debt rolls right into the hands of every taxpayer, taking bites from paychecks in the form of income tax.
Game theory suggests that a player in any situation acts without knowing the intent of the other player. There is the risk of loss. Elites, the class that actually owns; not just their house, but many none with a mortgage, and not just their business, but many which make money; work hand in hand, open faced, to have the most beneficial outcome for both. Eliminate competition by agreement, win-win. It’s why gas prices are the same all around town; if one station wanted to sell more gas and if by lowering their prices but selling more gas, revenue and profit increased, every station in the city should be competing for lowest price. Instead they all float on at about the same price. They all profit about the same by agreeing on a standard. This is not in the interest of the masses, but the people who extrude, purify, and sell the oil to the stations.
They all conspire together in their own, but against the interest of the masses.