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Governing the Urt

Speaking the classical sense of conservatism and liberalism, there is no form of conservative government on the planet. Anywhere. This stems from the idea that any formal governance is liberal. The liberal government men will always say that there is a need for government and not only that but bigger government. Fascism, communism, socialism, democracy, social democracy, and corporate socialism are forms of liberalism which give more power to government than to the people. The United States of America was founded as a constitutional republic, by which the constitution supposedly limits the power of government. However, all officials elected to government are elected by popular vote; whoever has a majority of the votes is the winning electorate, which is the basis of the liberal democracy upon which constitutional republics are modeled. Majority vote and majority rule are not egalitarian in means or ends; in short, might does not make right. Aristocracy is a more conservative, smaller form of government but concentrates power through inbred bloodlines. It would be cool, I think, if there was indeed a king of a region- of a certain number of people, within a certain geographical region-who was chosen at random, from anyone from any walk of life. If there was a DC high school janitor who had to serve as president for four years, chances are that minimum wage would go up, as would laborer rights across the nation. Instead, during my life, the presidents “serving� the people have been an actor turned politician, a business man turned politician, a lawyer tuned politician, and a president’s son turned politician. Democracy is a government meant to be representative of the people, but these men seem to represent everything most people, or at least I consider to be plagues of society; celebrity culture, big business, lawyers, politicians, assholes. Governments around the globe have similar democratic and social representative imbalances, because every nation on earth is ruled by elitist and the idea of elitism.