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September 24, 2006

A Social Design Issue

Social issues with the designed environment are many and easy to come by. Also many and easy to come by are low income housing projects in many urban areas. These housing projects are usually concentrated together and are never placed in the “good� part of town. I was thinking the other day that these projects usually are not nice places to live, not only because of their emphasis on cheap design, but also their proximity to bad neighborhoods. What if we changed both of these things? What if low income housing was spread out all over the city. That would not only provide more convenience for the residents, but also would “break up� some of the area around bad neighborhoods. This would make them open to new construction which could change the face of that community. It could even change that community for the better, turning it into a much nicer area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a huge city, without a “bad area�?

September 18, 2006

Midtown Market

I think that energy, in this context, is the term one would use for human interaction. Human interaction is the foremost form of energy that I witnessed at the Midtown Market. People watching is a fascinating activity in which I partook and I was amazed at what a person can learn and what a person can feel just by watching other people. I took special care at the market to try and note what emotions I felt in response to different human situations. For instance, I watched a person in a wheelchair who appeared to be only physically, not mentally handicapped, wheel down the street with her disability assistance dog. As she went, almost everybody watched, most trying to do it covertly. I imagine most people felt what I did, which is a certain kind of sympathy and a certain kind of admiration. Her energy most likely caused similar feelings in almost everybody who saw and thought about her. Her energy was transferred to other people. Another example that comes to mind is a little boy, who couldn’t have been much older than 4, wandering next to his mother. This little boy had the most impossibly big blue eyes, which captured the attention of every female that he looked at. I would say that 99 percent of those females instantly made the “Awww!� face and thought about children and possibly anticipated children of their own. This child transferred his energy, this child had power over these people, and he probably doesn’t even consciously know it. There are so many ways that people interact and transfer energy. Some other examples I witnessed were mother’s looking after their children, children wandering around and asking lots of questions, men looking completely lost and, of course, the exchanging of money for goods. I think that one of the easiest ways to really observe humans, and thus energy, is to go to a public place, and people watch.