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Genius Loci

When I think of places that I remember having an affect on me, the first place that jumps into my mind is Ireland. And when I think of Ireland, the first place that jumps into my mind is Blarney Castle. When I visited Blarney this summer, I was awed by its beauty. And I then began to think about the history that the place has seen. It’s been around for centuries and has been occupied by many families and many standards of royalty. The earth there has seen so much history it’s almost hard to comprehend. I visited it early one morning, when the moors were still foggy and the air was cool and moist. It seemed old, it felt old, and it smelled old. If the fog had been thick enough to hide the modern vehicles and buildings, I would have thought I was at Blarney in medieval times. The whole park felt as though it was hallowed ground, taken right out of history. Physically, it was like most of Ireland, wet, and very, very green. There was lush vegetation everywhere. And the other visitors all spoke in whispers even when isolated from everyone else. Such was the effect this place had one everyone present. It was one of the most interesting places I have ever been to.