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Since coming to the U to study architecture, I have gained a completely new perspective one the whole discipline. Out of the many definitions of architecture that I have been given, I think the most comprehensive definition of architecture as a discipline is that architecture/design is resolution of oppositions. Design is also constantly evolving and changing to meet and resolve different oppositions. Houses have evolved from being caves and grass huts, to electronically controlled dwellings that are more complex than some cars. These houses resolve oppositions between man ad climate by enclosing us from the climate, keeping out humidity, temperature, precipitation, wind, and solar radiation. Our houses keep us at a happy medium no matter what the weather outside is. They are also a resolution between permanence and entropy. While most houses aren’t made to last for centuries like some buildings, they are made to last long enough to house a family for a very long time. Houses are the original form of architecture, and thus are a perfect example of the changing form of the resolution of oppositions through design.