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Fab Labs + Light and Shadow = ?

I must admit that when I started reading Fab by Gershenfeld, I was fascinated, more so than any other reading this year. The whole concept of these mini fabrication labs to make anything for anybody is so interesting. It brings back the whole idea of the craftsmen instead of mass production. Think of all the new products that will be made for personal use. All the products that will only have one actual iteration and be for the most part, unable to be re-produced.
Unfortunately, I found it very hard to connect the idea of fab labs, to Louis Kahn’s interesting interpretations of light, silence and shadow. I also thought the Kahn’s reading was one of the hardest in the course packet.
That being said I did think there were a few very loose similarities between the two readings. There was one quote in Kahn’s article that struck as pretty relevant to the article on fab labs, and that was “What man makes must answer to the laws of nature but is governed in his concepts by rules and choice.? If people could make anything they wanted in small home fabrication shops, who would control the people? Who would make sure that nobody was making guns or bombs or something? The social responsibility would be paramount with these machines, and I don’t think that we are ready for such responsibility.
What implications would this have also on the world of art? Can’t a person consider a unique object made by a single craftsman art? Why are art and industry so strictly separated? If a person can design a sculpture on a computer and then make it with CNC tools, does that make it art or not? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I would consider a piece of well crafted machinery made and designed by one person to be a work of art. The whole idea blurs the line between craft and art. Would there even be line anymore? These are some questions that the Fab reading left in my mind.
I suppose that the two readings are connected, but I don’t think that they are actually related. I find it very hard to connect them together at all really. Maybe I’m missing something. I think it would be interesting if Ozayr went over his opinion and interpretation of this prompt in class.

A five axis CNC mill

A desktop CNC mill