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Blog Prompt 5

There are many different ways in which the built environment of my life affects who I am and what I do on a daily basis. I would like to contribute most of the aspects of my environment that support or detract from who I am to the people in my life. The people involved in different aspects of my life are the frameworks, their actions and how I interact with them are clockworks, which cause the phenomena of my life, and they do, at times detract from who I am as a person. Although there are many more frameworks that have influenced my built environment, people in my life are a key part of who I am.

Frameworks ----> Clockworks ----> Phenomena

There are many different groups of people that have influenced my life in a variety of ways. People that I feel have had great impacts are: my extended family, high school friends, girls on my soccer team, and all the new people that I have met at college.


My family: My family has always been there for me. They have put up with me through the good and the bad. My family has created clockworks in my life because they instilled the values that influence the most basic decisions that I make everyday. These values determine how I treat other people and create the phenomenon of human cooperation.


High School friends: These are the people that I spent the challenging years of my adolescence with. Even though we though we were just have fun, we were constantly challenging eachother to make decisions that would teach us lessons about how to treat the world ,as well as other people. These are the clockworks that have led to the phenomenon of me starting to have an understanding of the world and how people can functionally interact with eachother.


Soccer Team: This was a group of girls that no one would have ever expected me to spend time with. They were in a group of friends that was completely different from the people that I would normally associate with in high school, but through countless hours of open gyms and practice, we managed to form a bond. We had a system of communication and working together that no on e would be able to recognize if they weren't on our team. This clockwork of my life created the phenomenon of being able to communicate with people despite great differences.


College friends: Wow, what an adventure. We all got here about six months ago having no idea what to expect. I am amazed at the relationships that I have formed already and the way that this many people can all function together working towards the common goal of obtaining an education. I thought that because I was moving away from my parents I was going to have to become completely independent and have to fight for myself. this is not the case. A phenomenon that I have realized in the short time that I have been a college student is that everyone here needs to independently rely on others to make it through their daily life. I know that I couldn't do it alone. The people that I have met constantly influence the decisions that I make and without them I would be completely lost.

Although the people in my life make my life what it is, I also sometimes realize that I could possibly be more productive if I spent more time alone and working on things for my own good instead of constantly trying to help other people. The phenomenon that have been created by the people in my life are nothing short of amazing, and I love helping others, but one downfall of this is that I sometimes put off the needs of my own life in order to be involved in the lives of others.