May 5, 2008

Presentation Blog 2

All of the projects were done in different ways, and each group took a unique approach to them. the presentations all contained very useful information and gave me a new insight on at least one topic of their discussion.

The most interesting project was one that was done on Sustainability, the same goal that my group worked on. Although there are many aspects of sustainability, I was still expecting for the two projects to have more similarities. Their projects focused on different topics regarding sustainability.

One of the big things that they addressed was earthen housing. After having heard their discussion about the different methods, such as adobe, cob, and bamboo building, I firmly believe that our nation, and our world as a whole, needs to start doing a better job of using resources. We waste entirely too much of our environment building structures out of materials that we don't need to be using. The other resources that are available are much more environmentally friendly.

Also, they discussed irrigation. In the beginning, irrigation flowed with the shape and structure of the land, merely serving the purpose of getting water from one point to another without extreme disruption to the environment. Today, any means necessary are taken to ensure that water can reach its destination. This comes at the cost of destroying natural environments and the habitats of animals. We need to start working with the land and natural waterways more closely to ensure irrigation without destruction.

A few of their topics were also addressed in our project. the fact that new design techniques are working to maximize energy efficiency was a strong point in both projects. There are many different sources of energy besides the fossil fuels that we rely on today. One way that this is being addressed is by simply maximizing that amount of sunlight that enters a building. This lowers the amount of heating that is needed, an the sunlight can also be used as solar energy. Along with using sunlight, newer, green, designs are also working with alternative heating/cooling methods that will not use nearly as much energy as conventional methods. Most of these have to do with insulation and air-flow through buildings, which are both extremely cost-effective ways to increase efficiency.

Because the project was based on the same goal of sustainability as ours was, there were many similarities in the methods that could be used to achieve the goal. Overall, the solutions seemed to be very effective and practical. The project was very complete and outlined what would be a giant step in the right direction to achieve sustainability.

April 24, 2008

Project Ananlysis 1

The first group to go did their project on sustainability. This is interesting for me to analyze because it is the same topic that our group is doing. it was first off very interesting to see what they had come up with for ideas and how they chose to format their project.

The first thing that I noticed is that although they addressed some of the same topics as we did, they chose to do it in a different manner. What stands out to me is the green roofs and the overall expansion of green space, and the section about recycling and using old materials to create new, efficient buildings. Both of these are very important aspects in creating a sustainable environment and they made very valid points about the facts of each issue.

The format of the presentation was very appealing, although there seemed to be a lot of text. I never wanted to take the time to read what was written on each slide, which was alright during a presentation when they were telling us what it said, but if I had been reading a portfolio, I would have just skimmed and read a few points on each page.

Also, there seemed to be enough grammatical/typing errors that I noticed. None of them specifically took away from what the presentation was about, but they were enough to distract me from what aI was supposed to be reading of paying attention to during the presentation.

March 13, 2008

Blog Prompt 6

As I sit on the internet trying to decide on what approach to take to writing this, I keep getting distracted by other websites, my inbox, and ads that appear on almost every website that I visit. The amount of time that I spend not doing my blog while on the internet amazes me. Because of this I think one effective way to present the material would definitely be through a website. There would be all sorts of brightly colored flashing ads placed on websites that people commonly use in order to attract attention and the website would be a representation of the research that we have collected.


Most people that I know waste unnecessary time of the internet every day. If the information was made to look appealing in an ad that created a border on an interesting website, there would be many people each day that would be looking for a distraction from whatever else they are supposed to be doing. This would be a very useful distraction because it would serve to educate people about the problems that the United States has with maintaining a sustainable environment for the future.

February 28, 2008


"Lack of money is the root of all evil." -George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)


Money has always been a puzzling concept to me. I know that it came about as a source of trading goods, but really, honestly, it's a bit ridiculous. I give you green paper and you give me cool stuff. I am a believer that all people are created equal. This is where I would change the world. I wish we could eliminate money and the fact that it runs each and every aspect of our lives.


I know that this is one of those things that sounds really good in theory, but would never be practical. No one in the world would ever have any motivation to do anything to help anyone else. People wouldn't work because they wouldn't make any money doing it. The world would no longer be functional because we have to have motivation to keep the world running the way that it is. Even people that say they absolutely love their jobs would no longer have a reason to get up and go to work each day.

In my world, however, everyone would share and work for the common good of all people.

You want food, ok, come get some from me. Oh, you need a refrigerator to keep it in? The refrigerator factory is handing them out tomorrow between 10 and 3.

I know, absolutely ridiculous yet again, but it would be an awesome world if everyone could get what they wanted by working their share and contributing to the common good of the world. Another problem that I could foresee with this is that there is no room for advancement in anything. Who would decide to be in charge of everyone else? How would any public programs ever get funded if there was no money? What would happen to the entertainment industry? Also, there are too many greedy people in the world that would take advantage of other people.


There are endless problems that I can foresee in a world with no money, but it would still be pretty cool to not have to ever be concerned about a bank account.

"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort." -Franklin D. Roosevelt