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  • Cats drinking out of my water glass
  • Forgetting to charge my cell phone overnight
  • Lugging my laundry, coins, laundry key, and detergent down to the laundry room
  • Remembering to bring coupons to the store
  • Cat litter is cheaper if you buy it in bulk, but I can't carry a 50-pound bucket on my own so I feel forced to pay more per pound so I don't hurt myself
  • My car beeps at me when I have it on and I don't have my seat belt fastened, but sometimes I need the car on but I'm not in motion or near moving cars that could pose a hazard - this was more of an issue over the summer when it would be hot to sit in the car without the AC. Presumably the same will be true when it gets cold.
  • At my apartment complex we went six weeks between when they stripped the asphalt and the painted lines off the parking lot and when they repainted. As a result I often lost the game of "musical spots" late at night when people would park slightly too far apart and take up more than their fair share of space, leading to insufficient room for all the cars.
  • I vastly prefer the taste of pop in cans over bottles, but there's not a good way to preserve the carbonation of cans once opened.
  • I have a webcam clipped to the top of my laptop, and every time I close the laptop I worry I will snap the plastic when the clip on the cam gets trapped between the top and bottom of the laptop. Yet if I take it off, I worry I will step on it or otherwise damage it once it is free to roam around on its cord.
  • I can't use that webcam on my desktop because the cord won't reach between the USB drive on the tower and the top of the desk where the monitor is.
  • I hate getting a haircut because I hate looking at myself in the mirror wearing a funny cape, and I get bored. I feel like reading a magazine/book is not a good option because I don't always have the option of holding my head at the proper angle. I suspect there are some product-based solutions to keeping me entertained while under those constraints.
  • It's hard to listen to music in the car because I hate the radio and it feels unsafe to fiddle with my iPod while driving. I often have specific things I want to listen to so simply pressing "go" on a generic playlist would probably not be rewarding.
  • I have a small container of over-the-counter medicine that I carry in my purse, and it keeps coming open and spilling the pills in my purse. They then get crushed into a powder that gets on everything
  • I went shopping yesterday and had to look in three or four places in one store to confirm whether they had a particular product in my size. I wish there was a self-serve way to check that stuff because I hate talking to employees. I don't like "browsing" when I shop and want to be able to walk in, figure out if they have what I want, pick it up and go without fearing I overlooked something.
  • My cats spill water on the kitchen floor a lot. Since it's clear, it's hard to see and I step in it a lot.

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