July 17, 2005

Frontloading Meaning

Actively engaging kids in text before they read is a crucial part of the reading-and thinking- process.
Each of the four strategies Beers suggests helps students access prior knowledge; interact with portions of the text early; sequence, predict, infer, compare, and find cause/effect relationships; identify problem vocabulary; and construct meaning before reading the text. The four strategies are:
*anticipation guides, presenting important issues without clear-cut answers
*KWL charts, linking kids with waht they know and want to know (comprehension)
*probable passages, making the invisible act of thinking visible by putting key words into categories on a chart
*tea parties, encouraging active participation by studying phrases from the text on index cards, and moving around in groups to categorize them.
All strategies may be used (with slight variations) for expository and narrative text. "Prereading strategies that focus on active engagement with the text help struggling readers do what good readers do- think all throughout the reading process, not just at the conclusion."

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