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There are many times throughout a day in which I am forced by the environment around me to think and interpret. Looking into these thoughts leads to the conclusion that I am without a doubt a product of the digital age. Some of my most valuable possessions are electronic devices, such as my TV, stereo, and computer. This may come off as mundane but my TV is a 42 inch flat screen, my "stereo" one of far more than 2 speakers (though 2 are of the traditional floorstanding variety), and my computer powerful enough to connect the other 2 together in a small digital environment. Of course I also have a Playstation 3 in case I have a sudden thirst for a first-person shooter or high definition Blu-ray. I sit here on my couch, listening to music while typing on my wireless keyboard and mouse, intermittently switching on the Vikings game. (I am a Bears fan, just to clarify this point.) With all the money I have spent on media devices and the way in which I utilize them, I am undoubtedly someone born into an age where these things are intertwined into every aspect of my daily life. My Blackberry never leaves my side and I have no reason to let it for all I am concerned. I expect instant gratification at all times and am usually able to receive it, mostly because I know no better. This is my first blog and at this point feel as if I have moved a significant portion of my life onto servers 3,000 miles away. I suspect many who read this will feel much the same.

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