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The visual has taken off since the introduction of digital writing, mainly because of the convenience and added interest given to whatever it is being written about. There are many sites and genres that consist nearly completely of images, using words as no more than a compliment or definition of what it is being seen on the screen. It is easier to appeal to a larger audience through images as well, since there is no language barrier and usually little cultural barrier. As with any other image, they also have the ability to pull emotion and attention very quickly. Seeing a beautiful mountain in an article could bring back a pleasant (or any other type) memory and cause you to read into the article a bit.
Hence the direction of this small brainstorming is that many (read: extremely noticeable but unquantifiable) images are simply advertisements, whether as a hyperlink for another site as a typical advertisement or one to draw attention to the site already being displayed, as I have mentioned above. We have already seen the possibilities for profit through advertisement on the internet with companies like Google and Yahoo. Sites such as ESPN, Facebook, and nearly any other you can think of use some form of advertisement in their designs because of the nature of images. We have also seen the creation of GIF (moving images) and, recently, the full adoption of video as a form of advertisement. Video occurred long before the internet but it is only recently we really have enough people with broadband access to make it convenient and plausible. Youtube is far from old and is sure to spawn even more media-centric sites as we move forward.

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You make a good point about the prevalence of advertisements on web sites. And yet, what we are learning about reading on the web suggests that readers skip right over advertisements on the web. But, yes, visuals take a prominent role in trying to grab our attention. Even in regular web writing, visuals are important.

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