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| 1 Comment is a long friend of mine. I created many of the links on some of the pages and have been in charge of its maintenance (which is very little) since last May. In taking a look at the headings, it seems as if we have a bit of redundancy and confusion. Why are there CONTACT US, ABOUT US, and REQUEST FOR QUOTE tabs on the left side? All these topics are already covered on the front page (phone number, location) or could be condensed into two or maybe even one tab.

Every link in the MARKETS SERVED and TAPE PRODUCTS tabs is redundant to a link available on the front page and the HOME tab is redundant of the CAP logo. This leaves the possibility of 3 or 4 useful links. I would rearrange much of the information and include illustrations and photographs more heavily. I believe people want to be able to look at the products being discussed.

Replacing the information in the "Our Products" section with a link and deleting the "Industries We Serve" section in favor of the MARKETS SERVED tab would create ample links on the side. The "Featured Products" section could be expanded down the left side and incorporate product pictures. A scrolling gallery with links can replace the large space opened by the deletion of 2 sections. Even just a single large picture (or maybe one random image from a large selection) could be sufficient.

I believe everything could use a different color palate on this site. Besides grayscale, the only other colors are contained in the blue spectrum. The links are sand colored. It's painful. I suppose the inclusion of too many graphics and distractions could be a worse conclusion, but I'm definitely left wanting when visiting this site.

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Hi Nick,

You have some great ideas already for this revision. It sounds like you are saying that some of the links have redundant or repeated material on them and that you would condense them? Also, the idea to include visuals is a great idea--you also mentioned that in your video analysis. Changing the color scheme is a nice idea--you mentioned that in the video analysis, too. Is there an existing company logo and what colors do they use? These are all great ideas. Keep in mind that for the revision, you can limit it to two web pages within the site instead of three.

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