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Video itself has changed the way we view content on the web. We have Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, and the grand daddy - Youtube. An article I found in Wired regarding Youtube and Google claims that the two combined compromise around 10% of all internet traffic - and possibly more. Youtube is by far the most bandwidth intensive site Google operates, taking the majority of that statistic.. A blog posting also revealed that there was a study done in 2007 revealing that 10% of internet traffic was from Youtube for broadband users in the US. That figure grows to 20% if you disregard Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking. Add in the many other sites that rely mainly on video to capture an audience and its easy to see why. Video is obviously very bandwidth heavy by nature (especially with HD streaming), but this is only because so much information can be presented through video. It has allowed bloggers and writers to easily present and clarify events, demonstrate tasks, and entertain. It is an easy way to enhance credibility and capture the reader.
I believe video to be an accessory to writing as it can clarify and credit the information and ideas being presented. It is an effective tool and is utilized almost universally whenever possible. Writing can also be done for video and presented via many free sites. A script for this would look much like one for any other form of video but must be made to be easily viewable on a computer screen.

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Hi Nick,

You raise some interesting related points about YouTube. Yes, videos do take up a lot of space and bandwith. And yes, they do incorporate writing. I guess we will continue to see studies like the ones you found about the popularity of these sites (YouTube, etc.) and the impact they make.

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