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CAP has in its web design a fatal flaw with its architecture. Links are redundant. Pages are redundant. Words are redundant. Nearly everything seems to be repeated far too often because the content of the site is so lacking. Much of this stems from my comments above regarding the CAP site in general. There is a lack of personality and depth associated with all content: words, colors, graphics. It has been given little love or attention and it shows. What we have here is a site that is far past its prime (which I would have said the day it was created) and unable to really reach out. It frustrates and is useful only to a very limited group of users. Not all the links are ready and many of the pdfs have an outdated logo.

I'm still as unhappy with this site as I was the day I laid eyes upon it. I, unfortunately, cannot change much of the architecture as I do not currently have the time. If I could there would be more content and more pages. I know there are things to write about and images to post. I would hire a graphic designer (such as City Wall Graphics) to help with illustrations and artwork. The lesson learned here is that the time and effort put into the site will surely show when completed.

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