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learning to play the geetawr

Just a few weeks ago I had sudden inspiration to to learn how to play the guitar so I decided that that's exactly what I was going to do. I had never really played anything on the guitar but after my weekend at castaway, listening to everyone play, I made up my mind to do it. Fortunately it's my birthday this week on Wednesday and I didn't really have anything that I wanted so I just asked my parents to get me a guitar (a cheep one- they definitely wouldn't get me a nice one and there would be no point in getting an expensive one anyways). Just this week my friend started to teach me some chords and stuff about playing. This probably isnt' a good idea considering finals are coming up and I should be devoting all of my time to studying but I guess that it's good to have a short break so you don't burn out. Now I just can't wait for this weekend when I'll finally be able to go home and get my guitar and play the 7 chords that I know. I think that a lot of the learning has to be done by yourself and is very time consuming. I'm really looking forward to it all though.