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There's no place like home

I've been starting to get very anxious about finding housing for next year. I know that it seems kind of early but most apartments fill up by december for the following school year. I don't even know if I'll be able to live in an apartment; it might have to be back to the dorms for me, or at least for fall semester. I've be seriously considering studying abroad spring semester next year so that means that I'll have to find somewhere that I can live one for one semester. I really don't think that apartments offer half year contracts unless you can find someone else to sublease with you which is rediculously hard. I really do want to get out of the dorms next year. I mean...who likes the 20 year olds living in college dorms? Oh well, I guess that if worse comes to worse, I know there's a place that I can stay even if it's not ideal. Something will work out and even if it sucks, being abroad will more than make up for it.